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Amy is a native Atlantan who was raised in the world of real estate. Her father is an architect and builder and she found herself on job sites at an early age. By the time she had her driver’s license, she was managing her family’s real estate rental properties. 

Jessica moved to the suburbs of Atlanta when she was 6 years old.  She was raised by a father who told her to negotiate the price of lunch money and has put that skill to work for her clients many times!.  She has worked in sales/customer service since the age of 15.  

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As one of the premiere neighborhoods in Atlanta, Decatur offers a balanced way of living and provides value-added features that have been enjoyed by locals and visitors from different walks of life. Situated at the western portion of DeKalb County, Decatur is a safe place where everyone can enjoy strolling along its perfectly landscaped neighborhood. Convenience is the perfect word to describe your stay in Decatur, as the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) system is accessible through the Clifton Corridor Shuttle.

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More than providing the perfect home and hosting conveniently located office spaces, Midtown carries some of the most interesting places that your eyes will feast on. As you arrive in this Atlanta neighborhood, get ready to experience a mix of outdoor recreation by day and urban life by night. Midtown’s picturesque community also has places of worship, safe areas to jog and bike, and several other amenities that any family member would enjoy. Midtown is connected to the Eastside Trail of the Atlanta Belt Line, perfect for bikers, runners, and casual strollers.

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The Atlanta Beltline Project aims to improve mobility and change the way of life through the creation of more walkable and livable communities. It is probably one of the biggest developments in the country, which involves the provision of reliable transportation options and the connection of residential communities to the business districts. Expected to be completed by 2030, the project will connect about 22 miles of transit, 33 miles of pedestrian-friendly transit, and thousands of acres of new and restored parks and green spaces. There is absolutely nothing that compares to the scope and vision of the Atlanta Beltline project.

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