No one knows the Atlanta market like a duo of a Native Atlantan and someone who grew up in the suburbs

Amy:   I think the most obvious attribute that sets me apart from my esteemed colleagues is being an Atlanta native. I have watched this amazing city grow and evolve from the “biggest little city” in the south prior to the 1996 Olympic Games to now a hustling and bustling actual big city of great commerce, beautiful skylines, and the trendiest restaurants nestled in some of the most historic pockets of this sprawling metropolis.

Coming from a family of architects, builders and real estate developers gives me a competitive edge in protecting my clients. My drive to garner the best possible deal for my clients is what inspired me to become an Associate Broker and a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE). My energetic approach to leading my clients through the selection and negotiation process has been a driving force in my ability to set regional sales records.

High energy is ingrained in my fiber as a distance runner and kettlebell fanatic. My two Golden Retriever boys, 7-year-old Atticus and 4-year-old Winston, keep me pretty active as well!  When I’m not out scouting houses with clients, or photographing properties ready to come to market, I volunteer for Adopt A Golden Atlanta. There I am an Intake Coordinator and Applications Team Member and Trainer. They’ve also (easily) suckered me into being a temporary foster for weeks or months at a time. For more information on us you can go here.

I’m known for my responsiveness, so don’t be surprised if you get me on the first ring!

Jessica:  When I was in high school, I’d ask my father for lunch money for the day.  He’d respond by telling me how much was in his pocket, and when I’d complain that it was not enough, he would always say one word, “Negotiate.”  While that might have seemed to be a nightmare for a 14-year-old, I managed to not just eat lunch but also to learn to love the art of negotiation.  I started  encouraging my friends to negotiate as well, and for the past 26 years since (not that I am telling my age), I have loved helping my friends and customers to negotiate the best deals possible.  

I grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, just close enough to enjoy all that Atlanta has to offer but also just outside of the perimeter where we enjoyed large lots, golf courses, and lots of family activities.  I taught school for a few years there, so I have a unique perspective on buying real estate in those areas.  

I love everything about real estate, from meeting new people to touring unique homes and also especially solving complex, time-sensitive problems.  I’m an expert in high stress situations, so relax and let me take care of things for you.  I’ll walk you through every step of the process.  

When not selling real estate, you can find me on the tennis courts, at a local food commune that provides resources to the food insecure, or at different local dog rescues volunteering on their medical/wellness teams.