Telemarketing/Scammer Blocking Apps

As  much as I love being a Realtor in Atlanta, there is one think that drives me NUTS! And that is all of the telemarketing and scam calls I get daily. You see, my information is EVERYWHERE; Google, Facebook,, the {insert your favorite 4 letter word} ZillowYelp, Mapquest, and a whole host of other places. So, it’s super easy for these scammers and aggressive sales folks to get my phone number and then harass me daily. And, as a real estate agent in Atlanta, I pretty much need to answer my phone every time it is humanly possible to do so.

Every single day, I get calls asking me to buy real estate leads, purchase zip codes, ad placing services etc. And generally from companies I have never heard of – lots of which are just outright scams.

But then I discovered that there are apps that will block those calls from your phone. YAAAASSSSS! Best idea EVER!

I have AT&T and they have a free one called Call Protect. So, this is the only one which I can speak to it’s effectiveness. But, so far, it’s been wonderful.

Now, all day long I get calls from “Telemarketer” or “Potential Scam.” And also, almost daily, I just get an alert that a “Potential Fraud Auto-Blocked.” And my phone didn’t even ring!

You can also go to the app and let them know if they let a telemarketing call through – the more folks report it, they can add it to their list.

For non-AT&T folks, or for folks who just don’t want to use their app, HERE is a great list of other call blocking apps out there.

Do yourself a favor and get one now.

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