Glass Recycling by City of Atlanta – No More! YIKES!

Well Metro Atlanta Folks, the City of Atlanta and it’s surrounding counties have been pulling a fast one on us for years – they take our well intention glass recyclables and put them straight into the landfill.

The reason that they kept it from us is to keep us from being discouraged and not recycling at all.

But the jig is up. And Atlanta is not happy.–politics/metro-atlanta-recyclers-reject-glass-ship-landfills/Nd82esxPLUTvCb6963WyWJ/

Where Can I Go to Recycle My Glass???

For the City of Decatur Residents

I will continue to update locations…

2 thoughts on “Glass Recycling by City of Atlanta – No More! YIKES!”

  1. Sounds like all companies just landfill glass at this point
    because recycling produces no profit / so, I will continue putting it in my blue city of Atl. container and let them handle it.

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