Fulton County Property Taxes Hit Mailboxes

Do you own property in Atlanta? Fulton County tax assessments hit mailboxes yesterday. If you are having stick shock…..

Reasons you should appeal:

1. Assessments are determined by a computer program, they do not take into account difference from street to street. A appeal ensures a human will review your assessment which often leads to a reduction.

2. This has NOTHING to do with current market value. The 2017 assessment is only based on 2016 sales, not sales from Jan 2017 to now. You can have a low assessment and still sell your house at the highest possible price.

3. Sales reached a market peak in 2016 meaning there is a good chance your assessment is much higher than the sales in 2016. This is especially true if you own a small home or unrenovated home.

4. There is no cost to appeal, it is the right of every resident and it only takes a short online submission.

5. We have a right to a reasonable and fair assessment, even if you don’t mind paying higher taxes.

Want to see your taxes? Click Here and enter your property information.

If you think your assessment is too high, please email me and I can help you with your next steps.

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