You Had One Job

This post based on a photo off of Reddit seems almost impossible. But, unfortunately, mistakes like this are not all that uncommon with all of the new construction happening in Atlanta. Most mistakes are not quite this blatant, fortunately. But, the developers cranking out new subdivisions can definitely sneak some things by the unsuspecting new home buyer.

I had a buyer who HAD TO HAVE this new construction at the end of a street in a new subdivision. Right next to this house, which had a bigger lot than the rest, was a large retention pond. Well, I wanted to know if the retention pond was deeded as part of the lot that contained the house or if it was a separate parcel (then the responsibility of the HOA.) My buyer could not have cared less. But this is a BIG *&#@$ deal! What if a child drowns in the pond! Who’s responsibility/liability was it?

Not shocking at all, the developer attached the pond to the house – trying to pass that liability off. Fortunately my buyer ultimately listened to me and we postponed closing until the lots could be spilt and the pond removed his lot and then included in the common area belonging to the HOA. Whew!

See if you can spot the mistake this developer – well his crew, did. Unbelievable.

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